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Ronald Alexander

Ronald Alexander, PhD

Ronald Alexander, PhD is a leadership consultant, psychotherapist, international trainer, and the Executive Director of the OpenMind Training Institute. A pioneer in the fields of Positive Psychology, Creativity Thinking, Eastern Wisdom Traditions and Mindfulness Training, Alexander has been conducting professional and personal trainings that support strategies of personal, clinical and corporate excellence in the USA, Europe, Canada, Asia & Australia since 1970. Read Dr. Alexander's Full Bio


Fri. to Sun., May 27 to 29, 2016 - Big Sur, CA
Mind, Mood & Happiness Weekend Retreat
Esalent Institute

Sat., June 4, 2016 – Los Angeles, CA
Mindfulness & Creativity: Transforming the Self
MARC Mindful Awareness Research Center

Sat., July 14, 2016 - New York, NY
Mind, Mood & Happiness: Transforming the Self
New York Open Center

Fri. to Sun., Sept., 16 to 18, 2016 – Zurich, Switzerland
Hypnotic Language of Change: Resources for Generating Happiness, Creativity and Trauma Healing
Polarity Education Center Ag

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Dr. Ronald Alexander's
Widely Acclaimed Book

Wise Mind, Open Mind
Finding Purpose and Meaning in Times of Crisis, Loss & Change

Wise Mind Open Mind

"We have the creativity in us that creates the universe. This book provides a wise roadmap to the treasure within." … Ram Dass, noted author of Be Here Now

Wise Mind Open Mind provides practical & innovative applications to help us through today’s challenging times.

Click Here to learn how you create a fresh new personal vision of joy, contentment, and vitality.

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Wise Mind, Open Heart
A Meditation Series
on Mindfulness
and Core Healing

Mindful Meditations
For Creative

Access your inner resources to manifest greater vitality & creativity

Click Here to learn how meditation can make a dramatic difference in your ability to remain calm, focused, and non reactive when dealing with stress, anxiety and changes in your life.

OpenMind Training Institute

OpenMind Training® Institute, located in Santa Monica, CA is an innovative organization that offers personal and professional training programs in Transformational Leadership, Peak Performance, and Mindfulness Meditation. Our unique programs combine ancient wisdom teachings with Contemporary Leadership Skills, Creative Thinking, Positive Psychology, Communication Training, Business Ethics, and Conflict Resolution Strategies. We offer a comprehensive Integrative Mind-Body approach to advance corporate, personal, and clinical excellence.

OMTI is designed to help individuals become more effective as mindful leaders both in their personal and professional lives. Our intense experiential process assists each person in achieving their ‘Peak Performance’ and focuses on developing higher states of awareness, creativity, and increased productivity through:

  • Improving communication and leadership skills

  • Clearing creative blocks

  • Developing tools for effective problem solving and conflict resolution

  • Team building through developing trust and self-esteem

  • Transforming vision, values and peak performance into reality

  • Organizational Theory

We are committed to bringing individuals, groups, organizations, and corporations into a realm of excellence where classical attributes such as ethics, organization, and true creative expression are guided to their full expansion and realization.


How Mindfulness Can Improve Your Business


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