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Professional Associations & Conferences

Now more than ever professional organizations and leaders in the field of psychology are realizing the benefits of incorporating the concept and practices of mindfulness in the treatment of trauma, anxiety, mood disorders, addictions, self esteem & relational issues, personal growth, relationship issues, family dynamics, and conflict resolution. Through his unique teaching technique of combining the ancient wisdom of mindfulness with positive psychology, creativity thinking and contemporary psychotherapy Ronald Alexander, PhD has been training professionals nationally and internationally in Mindfulness Based Integrative Mind-Body Psychotherapies and Meditation for over 35 years. During this time he has been a frequent motivational speaker, and workshop presenter for organizations such as the International Congress on Ericksonian Approaches to Hypnosis and Psychotherapy (The Milton H Erciksonian Foundation), New England Educational Institute, the European Association for Gestalt Therapists, the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine (NICABM), FACES Conference plus many other groups.

As a leading mindfulness expert, Ronald Alexander has the ability to illuminate and motivate your members in this new and exciting field of psychotherapy through the following topics.

  • Mindfulness Based Integrative Mind-Body Psychotherapies
  • Mindfulness, Trauma, & Ericksonion Trace States
  • Mindfulness, Leadership & Clinical Coaching
  • The Alchemy of Zen, Creativity & Passion

Corporate / Organizational Conferences & Meetings

In today’s global economy leaders need to know how to inspire creative thinking, improve employee performance, enhance productivity, and develop smart strategies for the future. Pioneering psychotherapist and leadership consultant, Ronald Alexander specializes in helping companies and individuals through difficult and changing times with his innovative solution: mindfulness practices. And it’s one that top companies across the U.S., including Disney, ABC Television Network, Sony Music, and the Veterans Administration, have adopted. Alexander has taught all levels in the corporate and organizational culture from corporate leaders, middle management, sales & marketing to support staff how to use mindfulness to tap into their core creativity, resolve conflict, reach goals, encourage teamwork and increase productivity.

“The mindful leader knows how to respond instead of react, can easily tap into his or her creativity to solve problems and achieve goals, and knows how to make everyone on his or her team feel recognized and valued. My trainings utilize a transformational approach to effectively shift any type of breakdown into positive breakthroughs,” says Alexander. His unique program, which is drawn from the ancient wisdom practices of mindfulness, creative thinking, cutting-edge positive psychology tools, and cognitive behavioral therapy, helps leaders shepherd their teams and their companies to their full potential.

Let Ronald Alexander help you transform your workplace or business with one of the following Keynote Presentation Topics:

  • Wise Leadership, Vision & Values: Reimagining the Mindful Leader
  • Transformational Leadership in the Era of Creative Change
  • Peak Performance and Productivity: Expanding the Boundaries of Human Potential
  • The Art of Leadership: Excellence in Communication, Creativity & Change – Learn new and dynamic techniques to resolve conflict, improve communications and increase productivity


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