We work directly with a management team or an individual to help them resolve any issue that may be preventing the full realization or expansion of a company or organization’s potential. Our consulting service offers a cutting edge approach which combines both the ancient wisdom traditions of mindfulness with modern business management theory.

Our sessions help develop the highest abilities in professionals seeking to improve their performance or advance their careers. In either group or individual sessions, we assess your workplace patterns and give you challenging feedback in order to heighten your leadership awareness. Together we set goals that target your priorities, and then hold you accountable to the steps you agree to pursue as you face the issues and challenges that have been barriers.

Because learning is incremental, we recommend professional or leadership coaching groups as this allows you to practice skills and receive immediate feedback and course corrections to ensure your success. In these groups, you will learn to develop trust, address blind-spots, remove blocks to creativity and build support for transforming vision into reality. Participants share information on leadership styles, improve coaching skills; and creatively learn to solve problems through role-play exercises using real-life work examples.